Machine Safeguarding

Welcome to TIES Machine Safeguarding

We are here to help you achieve your safety compliance to AS/NZS 4024:2014 Safety of Machinery.

Having a team of 2 trained TUV Rheinland certified Machine Safety Technicians we can offer a guarding solution for any type of machine.

We provide risk assessment and give your machine an overall HRN (hazard rating number). This uses the likelihood of occurrence (LO) frequency of exposure (FE) degree of possible harm (DPH) and number of persons at risk (NP).

From this we can come up with a PLr (required performance level) to safeguard the machine and reduce the risk of injury. This is scaled from PLr a through to e.

A design is then required with the correct certified safety related parts to meet the performance level and then verified that the design is compliant to the standards.

We use an SRS (safety requirement specifications) template to achieve this. Once this is done we can cost up the project for approval.

We install the equipment (gates, fences, safety switches and relays etc) and validate the install against the SRS and the AS/NZS standards for compliance. You then receive ALL documentation required to comply.

We have done safety projects for clients and have submitted documentation to WorkSafe New Zealand for the lifting of Improvement Notices.

We also consult and are a member on the Fonterra Machine Guarding Technical Group.

Machine safeguarding projects

Cheese Palletising Robots
Powder Palletising Robots
Butter Pumps Faceplate Safe Removal
Dry Store Train Access

Other Machine Safeguarding Projects


Bridge Street

  • Site wide machinery compliance inspection/verification report

Collingwood Street

  • KD Extruder
  • Slice on Slice Blenders
  • IWS Reitz cooker
  • BNP Reitz cooker
  • IWS Wolfking grinder
  • SOS Wolfking grinder
  • KD Line – line blowing
  • Reitz cooker bin lifter
  • IWS Blenders
  • Retro blender
  • OVAT cooker
  • FAM grinders x3
  • Slice on Slice bin lifter
  • Great western sifter
  • Palletising Robots x3
  • IWS continuous cooker
  • IWS bin lifter
  • IWS Wolfking grinder motion sensing with gate access
  • SOS Wolfking grinder motion sensing with gate access
  • West wing Multivac’s compliance inspection/verification report

Kapuni Lactose

  • Bulk bag packing line
  • Great Western sifter


  • Rotary valve safety access
  • Rapid cool room 1
  • Rapid cool room 2
  • Rapid cool room 3
  • Mozzarella room fill heads and guillotines
  • Cheddar master 1
  • Cheddar master 2
  • Cheese 2 Scherping vats
  • FMG1 guarding
  • FMG2 guarding
  • FMG3 guarding
  • Cream products Bulk robot palletising
  • Butter maker 1 & 2 lobe pump safe access
  • A-line palletising robot
  • A-line stretch wrapper
  • B&C line palletising robots
  • B&C line stretch wrapper
  • Train access safety system
  • Calcium carbonate unloading


  • C22 Tracked vehicle Drilling rigs machine safeguarding to comply with AS/NZS 4024.2014 & EN.16228


  • Machine shop Guillotine
  • Machine shop Brake Press


  • Decoiler
  • Leveller
  • Rollformer

Trutest D.T.S

  • Doming machine
  • Decoiler


  • Kubota tractor Drilling rigs machine safeguarding to comply with AS/NZS 4024.2014 & EN.16228

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