Fonterra Whareroa Dry Store Train access System

Dry Store Train access System

Fonterra were constructing a new dry store at the Whareroa manufacturing site for storage of its product prior to being sent to market. The new Environmental Loading Area (ELA) associated with this dry store was to be used by rail transport, trucks, forklifts and pedestrians.

The activities of these users could potentially be in conflict at various times and places. To mitigate the potential conflicts, an access and warning system needed to be installed.

The safety system incorporated a monitored dry store exterior roller door, 6x ELA warning beacons, rail crossing signals, and a monitored access to site industrial type sliding gate with warning beacon.

Extra care was taken on positioning of the warning beacons inside the ELA so as to be easily visible to personnel from any angle, weather on foot or while operating forklifts.

Poor field of vision, poor contrast to background, and lack of discrimination were factored into positioning of the warning beacons.

Project Requirements as per Machine Risk Assessment (MRA)

  • SIL1