Typical supplied documentation

  1. Machine risk assessment outlining the initial risks and current controls of the equipment.
  2. Safety Requirement Specification.
  3. Validation plan
  4. Set of electrical and pneumatic diagrams associated with safety controls.
  5. Cable schedules.
  6. I/O lists.
  7. Design review process & design validation meeting minutes.
  8. Print out of the safety related PLC code and/or associated configuration settings.
  9. PLC code and review (Application software requirement Specification).
  10. Safety related hardware original manuals.
  11. Safety related hardware compliance certificates.
  12. Point-to-point test sheets for the safety related equipment.
  13. Declaration of conformity to relevant standard ie AS4024 or Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC for example and electrical certification as per FES 70).
  14. Completed validation checks as per the validation plan.
  15. Correspondence.
  16. Electrical Certificate of Compliance.
  17. Electrical test sheets.
  18. Recommended maintenance schedules for safeguards.
  19. Validation report by a third party engineer.
  20. Final updated risk assessment.
  21. Addendums/Modifications.