Fonterra Pahiatua Waste Water Treatment Plant – Techo Leonardo Project

Fonterra Pahiatua Waste Water Treatment Plant project

From a paddock to a new waste water plant.

This 4 month project was situated out of our area and TIES spent many hours working on the electrical section of the new waste water plant.

From installing many lengths of conduit and meters of cable tray, designing the layout of the cable laddering in the motor control centre (MCC) room and running power cables from the newly installed transformer to the MCC panel.

Many control and power cables were run around the site from the MCC room out into the field. These ranged from variable speed drives (VSD’s), aerator motors, pump systems and site lighting.

The devices installed within the field were levels, PH and Flowmeter, controls to run the VSD’s from the freshly installed programmable logic controller (PLC) system which also has communications back to the Fonterra site, 1.5Kms away.